Friday, July 9, 2010

We're BAAAACK....

.....and without any real good reason for being gone other than a very busy life and a broken camera. But alas, the camera has been replaced so I've managed to snap a few shots of the recent craziness in our world. End of pre-school, summer fun in the sun, visits from G & G Lasswell and the Astors, and just general "life" stuff.

Meyers, Astor, and Crawford kids - impossible to get 7 kiddos to cooperate for a photo!

The "bigs" on the light rail train - Sam, Ethan, and Maddie

Brogan and his tool box and work belt

Astor boys and Meyers kids

Watching the Highlands Ranch 4th of July Parade

Sibling love. And btw, aren't the lupine gorgeous!!!

Mr. B in the Yampa

My little Ms. Maddie

Mommy and B at the hot springs in Steamboat

At the Old Town Hot Springs in Steamboat with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Dave

Jon enjoying his father's day round of golf in Steamboat

Crazy Mr. B

Maddie on her last day of pre-school - this was her year-long boyfriend Mylo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have a pantry!!!

Note that the title of this post is "I" have a new pantry, not "We" have a new pantry. That's because I am the one who has wondered about the lack of a pantry in this house since we considered buying it. I'm the one who watched the piles of junk and boxes and food items pile up on the counter space that was here. I'm the one who SWORE I'd be a happier woman and a better wife/mother if only I could actually store kitchen food/equipment IN my kitchen rather than in the coat closet down the hall or upstairs in the guest bedroom closet. SOOOO, Jon, being the amazing husband that he is, figured it was worth a few bucks and a mess in the kitchen for a few days to make me happy. And boy was it a worthwhile investment!!! The new pantry (which replaced upper/lower cabinets and the aforementioned countertop) has at least twice the storage space as the stuff that was there before. PLUS, it has a door so I can just close it and everything is hidden. YIPPPPEEE!!!!

The hole left after Jon and I did the demo (the fridge is on the right side of the photo)

It's coming you see the new framing and drywall (fridge will be where the shop-vac is in the photo)

Ahhhh, doors!!!

Storage, glorious storage!! See, I'm pretty easy to please, right!?!?!?


We enjoyed a wonderful Easter celebration this year. A great service at church followed by an Easter egg hunt and family lunch at our house. Our kids weren't feeling great but they were troopers and managed to enjoy some of the fun!

Aunt Tina, cousins Amy, Joel, and Emily, me, Maddie, and Brogan

Ms. Maddie

Little B

Our Easter honey bunnies!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where to begin...

So I wrote up the synopsis of the last 2 months and THEN tried to add the pictures - big mistake. I'm too tired to try to re-organize so you can enjoy the photos in no particular order and then read the explanations if you so choose. As always, there are MANY more pictures on my facebook page as it's much easier to upload and write brief descriptions there. Enjoy!

Maddie and my Grandma (Gigi)

Cousins Amy, Emily, Madeline, and Brogan

All the chefs ready to make their pizzas

Visiting the Taits in AZ - me, B, Grandma Barbie, Maddie, and Grandpa Al

Birthday celebration #2 in AZ

Brogan and Grandpa "Yin"

The kids were great bedfellows throughout our time in AZ

Grandpa Bill, Nana, Maddie, and B at Goldfied - an old ghost town in AZ. Brogan was obviously in a "mood".

At the pool in AZ at Jon's folks' place.

Birthday celebration #1 in AZ

Brogan's 1st official haircut (he's almost 2 1/2!!)

Our church skate night - both kids were great on wheels!

Ok, it's been more than 2 months since my last update. Let's see what's happened since then...

I was asked to help out at a colleague's office for a week while the office manager was out. A week turned into a month, which turned into a permanent position (as a meeting planner, not the office manager!). It's actually been an obvious answer to prayer and so far it's just a great arrangement. The company is Kinsley and I have known just about everybody there for years due to my industry volunteer position. I'm working 3 days/week and then traveling as necessary for clients. Needless to say, this all happened very quickly so most of January and early February were a blur of adjusting to life as a working mom of 2!! Jon and the kids have been awesome and we've definitely settled into a routine.

February was also a bit nutty. Not only did I accept the permanent position but I traveled to Dallas with the team for a huge conference. The week after I got back, Jon was off to a 3 day meeting in CO Springs. In the midst of THAT, my sweet 83-year-old Grandma had her knee replaced and we did our best to visit and help out as much as we could. Then the 4 of us headed to AZ for some time with various family and a little break from the cold winter weather. We had a blast!

March began with Madeline's 5th birthday on the 1st. We celebrated in AZ with the family there and then had a family dinner here in CO, followed by her official party - "Cooking with Chef Madeline". 12 friends at our house to make pizzas, decorate cupcakes, and do all other official birthday "stuff". It was such a wonderful time and I think Maddie loved every minute of it! My dad was in town for the festivities and we were blessed to have him be a part of things.

SOOOO, here it is, March 14, and I think, I THINK, our life is going to be a bit quieter for the next few weeks. At least I hope so.

Here are a few other random thoughts/kid comments/stories from the last 2 months:

Maddie to Jon upon the arrival of his giant order of chips and guacamole at a restaurant- "I'm not really a fan of chips".

Brogan to Maddie when she asks to use his scooter - "No. You have your own". B didn't even look at her or stop what he was doing to respond.

Brogan talks like Elmer Fudd - no "R's" or "L's". For example: "Peese, I have a yittle bit mo?" when asking for something else to eat. Or, "Mommy, I wiwwy, wiwwy, want to get to the zoo". It's pretty cute.

I'm sure there are other endearing memories but I'll be honest, today was ROUGH and not much else is coming to mind. At least that is sweet and worth noting. I'm pretty sure you don't want to read a post about 2 year olds spitting in the grocery store or 5 year olds throwing fits about toys their brothers "borrowed".....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Craziness

So, the last few weeks have been totally crazy, but what a blast! We had my parents, my sister, her fiance and their cat here for Christmas and we also hosted the extended family (about 20 of them!) for Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas Day was spent mostly in our PJ's with lots of fun exploring Santa's treasures as well as those left by family and friends. We are very blessed. Enjoy the review of our Christmas revelry - we had a wonderful time celebrating our Lord's birth!

Maddie in the outfit she got from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Lynn

We spent 3 days in Steamboat Springs with my folks before they headed back to CA. Lots of snow fell during our stay which made for great tubing, snowshoing, and general exploring!

The Yampa River flowing through downtown Steamboat

We took the Gondola to the top of the mountain and enjoyed the Western BBQ - great food a really fun band. They had all kinds of activities for the kids, including the spoons contest. Maddie obviously took it very seriously...

Maddie and Daddy at the BBQ

Happy little B hangin' at our friends' townhome in Steamboat

Me and Maddie at the bottom of the AWESOME sledding hill we found in the townhome's neighborhood!

My mom, dad, Maddie, and a very grumpy Brogan

Maddie and Grandpa Lynn on their first ever snowshoeing outing

We enjoyed an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese's with Erin and Wilson

Jon and I had a blast taking Maddie up to Winter Park for a ski day - she wore the harness (I was the lead on this little adventure!) and she did so great. We hopped right on the lift and went up the mountain for a few green runs and even a blue!

Maddie and Mommy on the slopes

On Christmas day with my cousin Kaylee and her boyfriend Dan

Sweet little Odie and big sister Hazie - wiped out from the Christmas morning frenzy

Bruce (erin and wilson's cat) and Odie were best buds by the end of the week

Me and Madeline in the matching aprons from my mom. Maddie's expression is the result of her statement right before the photo - "I really have to go potty!"

Brogan and my dad - definitely best buddies.

Madeline and Mr. B in the great hats from Auntie Erin

Uncle Wilson, Auntie Erin and the kiddos

Opening stocking stuffers

One of B's favorite gifts from "Sauntie" Erin

Our little family on Christmas Eve

Guess who's excited from Christmas?!?!?!